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-K.R., Boynton Beach

"My time with Andrea Hammad has been life changing.  In less than 10 sessions I went from barely able to sit through a movie to comfortably sitting on car rides and hard surfaces !  She was kind and courteous during my treatment and really listened to what I was describing. Dr. Hammad created programs that gradually increased in difficulty and that gave me more and more mobility. She also gave me other options when exercises didn’t work for me. I will never hesitate again to reach out to her for prenatal or postnatal treatment because IT WORKS ! SHE WORKS !"

-D.T., Boynton Beach

"Andrea is a great doctor who not only takes the time to listen to my symptoms but also to do extremely thorough examinations in each session. She explained the cumulative damage caused by an injury I had years ago and developed a regimen of therapy that has started to increase the range of mobility of my arm. She has a gentle touch and knows how to relate to her patients. I have already recommended to family and friends and will continue to do so."

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